How to Use Indoor Plants to Decorate

Indoor plants can add life, inject colours and reduce stress level. They can also fill an awkward or an empty space. From interior design and decorating point of view, these foliage break up the straight lines of modern furniture created, therefore making a room more pleasing to the eye.

Book shelves, tallboy dressers and on top of kitchen cabinets

Your best friend would be trailing plants, such as Golden Pothos, English Ivies. Just let them hang down following the shape of the furniture underneath.

Coffee tables, side tables and bedside tables

Orchids, air plants, and some succulents are great for small surfaces due to the scale of these plants. If you decorate a coffee table, Just make sure your plant is not too high to block your view of TV or could interrupt a conversation. Please don’t place spiky cactus for bedside tables (trust me I have seen it on Instagram). You won’t feel relaxed.

Console tables and sideboards

Because console tables and sideboards are normally sitting against walls with artworks or mirrors hanging above, you could use some medium height plants to decorate such as zz plant, anthurium or orchid. The aim is to bridge the artwork/mirror with the table/sideboard surface.

Dining tables

Depending on the shape and the size of your dining table. Basically we are trying to mimic the scale of the surface underneath. You could use a more spreadable medium height plant such as a fern to decorate, so it will look nice from all different angles. For a rectangular dining table, you just need candle sticks, vases or more plants to add more volume.

Window sills

If you have a large window sill , go for medium to large plants or a group of plants with different heights or the same plants.

Larger corners

You need large plants such as weeping figs, rubber plants, yucca, palms, fiddle leaf figs or birds of paradise to fill the space and to add a wow factor.

Small and Narrow corners

Zz plant or snake plants are the best for an awkward space like this. Because they can grow in water, put them in clear vases, as they will have less visual weight to cramp the corner.

Lastly, before you get any new plants, check out what they look like a few years down the track. Some plants grow fast which means it could break the balance you’ve already created.

Enjoy your plants.