How to Use Indoor Plants to Decorate

Posted by Lin on  17/07/2021
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Indoor plants can add life, inject colours and reduce stress level. They can also fill an awkward or an empty space. From interior design and decorating point of view, these foliage break up the straight lines of modern furniture created, therefore making a room more pleasing to the eye. Book shelves, tallboy dressers and on top of kitchen cabinets Your best friend would be trailing plants, such as Golden Pothos, English Ivies. Just let them

Three Best Beach Style Colour Palettes

Posted by Lin on  23/01/2021
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Beach style, often known as Hamilton Style, is one of the most popular interior styles and captured a lot hearts. The calming colours and textures make us feel more relaxed and peaceful. How to create a beach style home? Well, the first step is to determine a colour palette. Here are the three best beach colour palettes inspired by nature. Aqua blue and grey: Suitable if you have a warm colour floor Example: (image: Renoguide)

8 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Posted by Lin on  26/10/2020
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Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen, but have hard time to commit financially? You are not alone. According to the Archicentre Australia 2019 cost guide, the estimate cost of a kitchen renovation is between $15,000 and $43,000 excluding appliances. Here I will show you how to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. 1. Use wallpaper to add patterns (Image credit: Wallpaper can add an instant wow factor to your kitchen without spending

Marble Countertops: Pros and Cons

Posted by Lin on  17/07/2020
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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, countertops would be THE most expensive single item in your cart. From wood to laminate, from granite to marble, there are so many options to choose from. Among all these materials, a lot of people are drawn to marbles because of their jewel-like quality and luxury feel. But there are scary stories about stains and scratches, In this post, I will go through the pros and cons of marble

How to Style a Bookshelf

Posted by Lin on  03/05/2020
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People often think book shelves are for books only. Actually, most of designer styled book shelves have fewer books then you think. It is about showcasing decorative objects and creating interests, as well as displaying books. Unless you are a devoted Marie Kondo’s fan who puts bookshelves in a closet. Here are some tips of how to style a book shelve: Arrange books both vertically and horizontally to make your eyes travel from one shelve