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Best Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Water

Indoor plants are great. They are living air purifiers. They add life to our homes. They lighten our moods. They are just simply beautiful.

But some of us are struggling to keep them alive. Most often indoors plants been killed by either over-watering or under-watering. But what if you can see the water levels, then that wouldn’t be an issuer any more right? Yes, I am talking about growing them hydroponically.

Growing plants in water is a new trend. You don’t have see the dirt. You don’t have to stick your fingers to check if your plants are thirsty enough. Soil-less also means less decease and pests that you have to worry about.  The most amazing part is you can also see roots developing. It is kind of therapeutic.

Nowadays, you can find gorgeous coloured glass vases to add a design touch.

Chinese Money Plant

As the name suggests, they are originally from China and their glossy, round-shaped leaves look like coins. They were not widely commercially available in the past, but they are getting more and more popular now.  Because their leaves are hanging lower, use a open month vase to let their leaves stretch out.

Golden Pothos

They are also known as money plants. If you have been to China, you would have seen them in shopping centers. As Chinese believe these plants will bring good fortune. They are super easy to propagate and look great on bookshelves as they are climbers. Their glossy leaves and architectural shapes would add a lot visual interest to a space.


There are a large variaties of dracena plant. Some have thick stems, some have yellow colour edges on their leaves, and some can grow up to 6 feet. They are great house plant as they tolerate fair amount of neglect. The one I am growing has developed a healthy root system, and has low growth level.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are the most popular house plants. Thanks to the trending boho style. Because they grow upright, they can fit in small areas perfectly. The trick to grow them in water is to change water every second day for about 3 weeks until the new roots start developing, then you just need to change water once a month. They are very decorative and easy to care for.


Adelaide interior decorator

According to Wikipedia, mostera plants are native to tropical Mexico.  That probably explains why they can survive in water. With elegant long stems and glossy leaves, mosnstera make a great decorative piece and bring in tropical vibe to any home.


  • If you use a plant is already growing in dirt, you can use a coloured glass to hide residual dirt. Because it would be very hard to wash off all the soil and you don’t want to hurt the delicate root system.
  • If you are going to put a plant in a very sunny spot, to avoid algae, use a darker coloured vase instead of a clear one.
  • If you are trying to create a vignette (a small grouping of objects), it would be the best if you could pick a slow growing plant. That means it wouldn’t break the balance of your setting, once your plant takes off.