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Best Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Water

Indoor plants are fantastic. They serve as living air purifiers, adding life and beauty to our homes while lifting our moods. However, some of us struggle to keep them alive, often falling victim to over-watering or under-watering. What if you could monitor water levels, eliminating these issues? That’s where hydroponic growth comes in.

Growing plants in water is a trendy alternative. You don’t have to deal with soil or check for moisture with your fingers. The soil-less method also means fewer diseases and pests to worry about. The most intriguing part is witnessing root development, offering a therapeutic experience. Nowadays, you can find gorgeous colored glass vases to add a design touch.

Here are some indoor plants that I grow in water:

Chinese Money Plant (or Pancake Plant)

Grow Chinese Coin Plant in water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

Originally from China, these plants have glossy, round-shaped leaves resembling coins. They’ve become increasingly popular due to their unique appearance.

Golden Pothos

Grow golden pothos in water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

Also known as money plants, these are super easy to propagate and are considered auspicious in Chinese culture. Climbing gracefully, they look fantastic on bookshelves, adding visual interest with glossy leaves and architectural shapes.


Grow Dracaena Plant in Water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

With various varieties, some featuring thick stems or yellow-edged leaves, dracaenas are great houseplants that tolerate neglect. Regular water changes and a healthy root system contribute to their low-maintenance appeal.

Snake Plant

Decorate with indoor plants by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

Popular in the boho style, snake plants are ideal for narrow spaces as they grow upright. Changing water every second day for the first three weeks, followed by monthly changes, ensures their decorative appeal and easy care.


Grow Monstera in water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

Native to tropical Mexico, monstera plants thrive in water, bringing an elegant and tropical vibe to any home with their long stems and glossy leaves.

Ficus Tree Cutting

Grow ficus tree cutting in water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide

I got mine ficus tree cutting from someone who was pruning his tree. I waited for a whole month before the root start taking off. So please be patient with this plant. Taking multiple cuttings increases success chances. Change the water regularly, keep it in indirect sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo

Grow indoor plants in water by Linlin Interiors Adelaide interior designer

Growing lucky bamboo in water is simple and rewarding. Bamboo is considered strength, resilience and longevity. It can be invasive if grown in the ground, so many people choose to cultivate it in water. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to turn yellow.


  • If using a plant already growing in soil, use a coloured glass to hide residual dirt because it would be very hard to wash off all the soil, and you don’t want to hurt the delicate root system.
  • If you are going to put a plant in a very sunny spot, to avoid algae, use a darker coloured vase instead of a clear one.
  • If you are trying to create a vignette (a small grouping of objects), it would be the best if you could pick a slow growing plant. That means it wouldn’t break the balance of your setting once your plant takes off.