Before we start, let me ask you something

How many days would it take to buy one piece of furniture? How many trips would it take to buy that piece of furniture? How many stores would you visit per trip?

Well, according to my research, for one piece it will take at least one weekend, two trips and 4 stores per trip.

What if you want to furnish a room, or a whole house. Wait, what about lightnings, rugs, cushions…. And the worst, what if they don’t go together?

What if someone can help you do all product research, pull everything together and create a style you want. All you need to do is measure your rooms and do some purchasing online. Wouldn’t it be great?

At Linlin Interiors, we help you choose furniture and accessories to reduce the stress selecting and matching things and cut down your shopping trips, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

And the best thing is we never ask you to get ride of everything you own and start fresh. Instead we work with what you have and with your budget.

Excited? Here are the 3 simple steps of how:


Step One – fill questionnaire

We will ask how you use the room, how many people in your household, what colours you prefer… Basically we need to get to know you before we can personalize our service to suit you. Please click here for questionnaire.

Step Two – measure your rooms & take photos

Measure your room wall to wall and take some photos. We will need at lease 4 photos of each room which cover the entire room. For open livings, we need at least 6 photos. Please email the measurements and photos here.

Step Three – here is what the magic happens

Your designer will analyse your room and provide you with a floor plan, a sample board (a collage of all selected products), a detailed product list and an instruction. All you need to do is purchasing online and install.

For more information about our design and decorating services , get in touch with us today.