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How to Style a Bookshelf

People often think book shelves are for books only. Actually, most of designer styled book shelves have fewer books then you think. It is about showcasing decorative objects and creating interests, as well as displaying books. Unless you are a devoted Marie Kondo’s fan who puts bookshelves in a closet.

Here are some tips of how to style a book shelve:

  • Arrange books both vertically and horizontally to make your eyes travel from one shelve to another.
                                         (Photo credit: Stylebyemilyhenderson.com)
  • Mix larger and smaller items. Keep small accessories to minimum, otherwise they will clutter your bookshelf.
  • Colour code your books and keep your colour palette consistent. Bold colour books with colours not in the colour palette of the room, store them away or turn the spines inward? No. I am kidding, don’t turn your books around. I know other designers did it before, but you wouldn’t be able to find the book you need.
                                (Photo credit: isntthatcharming.com)
  • Personalise your bookshelf with photos. Don’t put them too low, because you won’t be able to see them.
  • Add statement pieces such as sculptures or plants to introduce curves and break off the lines.
  • Introduce artworks to add more interests.
                                 (Photo credit: stylecurator.com.au)
  • Bring more textures by adding woven baskets, marble book ends, ceramic vases and copper plates.
                                     (Photo credit:Few and Far)
  • If you are handy, paint or wallpaper backing board to create a backdrop.
                                  (Photo credit: Driven by Decor)
  • Place decorative items on top of bookshelves to add another layer.

  • If your bookshelf is too deep, bring books and decorations forward.

Excited and can’t wait to start? You should be. I believe we create our own environment and our environment nurtures us back. By dressing up your bookshelves, it will encourage you to spend more time with your favourite books. Happy reading!