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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

We spend most of waking hours at home, lounging, watching TV or reading books behind our coffee tables, so it is important to make it look nice. Undecorated or poorly decorated coffee tables are either boring or stressful to look at.

Here are some tips of how to decorate your coffee table, so you can create a stylish coffee table setting without hiring a professional.

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Don’t overcrowd your coffee table

 First and foremost, coffee tables should be functional. The idea is to put your feet up, set down a cup of coffee or tea, or even enjoy pizza while watching TV. Keep it clutter free by getting a couple of decorative boxes to store your chargers, mail, bits and pieces. 

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Create different heights

Like creating any vignettes, different heights make your eye travel fluently and engage more with the objects.  Tall candles, flower vases, plants or sculptures can play the giants; books, serving trays will play the ground cover, while a few pieces with medium heights create a city landscape feel.

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Remember scales

Keep size in mind. For a big coffee table, go with a large flower vase to match the scale. For a small coffee table, keep your decorative items small and keep it simple.

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Add texture

If you have a glass coffee table, introduce marbles, wood, metal to mix it up. 

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Consider your viewpoint

If your coffee table will be viewed from all angles, make sure your objects have more than just one face. Picture frames won’t work in this case because someone will be looking at the back of the frame.

Use the colours already in your room

The coffee table is an excellent place to tie your colour palette together. For example, if you have a blue lamp and artwork with the same blue, consider placing a blue ornament on your coffee table to create a visual link and make your eye move fluidly.

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Mix with lines and curves

If you have a round or oval coffee table, introduce some lines, such as a rectangular serving tray or geometric patterns. If you have a rectangular table or squared table, add a plant or a bowl to add some architectural interest.

So, what do you need to have on your coffee table?

Must have: books / serving tray (low height), flower vase, plant, sculpture, candle (tall in height)

Nice to have: All the above plus a decorative bowl or another statement piece

Optional but practical items: tissue box, coasters

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Last not least:

If you use an ottoman to serve as a coffee table, use a large serving tray to hold drinks and protect the fabric.

I hope these tips can help you create an eye-catching coffee table arrangement.