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Marble Countertops: Pros and Cons

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, countertops are often the most expensive single item in your cart. From wood to laminate, from granite to marble, there are so many options to choose from. Among all these materials, many people are drawn to marble because of its jewel-like quality and luxury feel. However, there are scary stories about stains and scratches. In this post, I will go through the pros and cons of marble countertops, as well as how to avoid the dilemma.


– The Look

The truth is, there are no other countertops that can beat the look of marble. Other than the most popular white, grey, and black, there are also green, yellow, pink, red, and brown marbles. Because they are quarried from nature, no two slabs are alike. Every piece comes in a unique pattern and definitely adds character to your kitchen.

– Heat Resistant

Because marble is formed when limestone is exposed to high pressure and temperatures, marble is naturally heat-resistant and can handle hot pots and pans.


– Stains

Like all natural stones, marble has very small holes or pores across its surface where liquid and air can pass through. This means marble is prone to staining agents like citrus, wine, and cinnamon.

– Scratches

Again, this is because marble is porous, so it can get scratched, chipped, and etched

Don’t give up on Marble just yet

I know the cons are off-putting, but there are ways to get around them.

– Choose a Darker Marble

If you are scared of stains, don’t get white marble; choose a darker one. A darker color with a slightly busier pattern will trick your eye and hide stains and scratches.

– Seal Your Marble

Use a proper sealer to seal your marble countertop every six months if you cook often, or seal it once a year if you are not a keen cook.

– Choose Polished Finish

For marbles, there are two finishes: polished and honed. Honed is a matte finish suitable for marble floors. The process of polishing will cover some pores of marble slabs, making it more resistant to stains.

– Accept the Imperfection

I heard a story that an Italian marble supplier showed his clients a 10-year-old marble countertop with all kinds of stains and scratches. He was enthusiastically telling people the stories about each imperfection. To him, this piece of marble is a living embodiment of a fuller and happier life.


Nigella Lawson once said, “Feeling comfortable in the kitchen is essential for everyone, male or female.” At the end of the day, it is your kitchen, and you have to live with it. Choose what you feel is best. And in another 10 to 15 years, you will probably need to remodel anyway.