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Ideas to Organise and Decorate Your Entertainment Unit

According to TVtechenology.com, 80% of households worldwide own at least one TV set. We use TV not only watching free-to-air TV programs, but also paid TVs like Netflix, watching Youtube clips and browsing the Internet.

And if you own a TV, the chances are you own a sound system and perhaps a DVD player or Playstation 4.  So you would have multiple cords housed in your TV unit like a bird nest. I can see you nodding.  Here I am going to show you how to be organised and to style your TV unit.

Own Less Devices

You can control your smart TV with your smart phone via TV remote control apps. Simple.

Get rid of your DVD player. If you don’t watch DVDs on daily basis, there is no need to keep one. Just play DVDs on your laptop and connect it to your TV.

Use Decorative Baskets to Hide Cords

Not just any baskets. You need baskets with cut out handles, so you wont see all the cords going into the basket, therefore less visual clutter. Avoid plastic ones please, because you are not doing your pantry.

Make sure the cut out bit is big enough to put through plugs and big enough to fit all the cords. Natural materials such as sea-grass, rattan are great, as they provide a layer of texture to your room.

(image  from Freedom.com.au)

Hide Your Remote Controls

Have you ever seen any interior photos with remote controls on coffee tables, no, never. Simply because it is not stylish at all.

If you are not tech savvy, like myself, or if you don’t want another App to clutter your phone, you can hide your remove controls in a box or place them on the bottom shelf of your coffee table, so you don’t have to see them all the time.

Organise Cords with Smaller Baskets and Code Them

For your phone chargers and other chargers, get small baskets with dividers and make sure they are deep enough to accommodate your chargers.

Tag all your cords with decorative sticky tapes and use a permanent marker to print names. So you can easily find what you need.

How to Decorate?

Basically, just treat it as a small bookshelf , with books, decorative bowls, art and statement pieces. Avoid using small family photos, because when you sit away from your TV unit, you won’t be able to see them.

Don’t forget it is a part of your room, so try to tie in the colours, patterns and shapes in the room.