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Hanging Curtains with Style: A Guide to Perfectly Dressing Your Windows

As an interior designer and decorator, I always recommend my clients to use curtains as window coverings. Curtains can add warmth and softness. They finish a room and give it an elegant touch. When it comes to creating a polished and visually pleasing interior, hanging curtains properly is key. Here’s a guide to help you hang curtains with style and skill.

  1. Determine the Height: For a modern and elegant look, consider hanging your curtains from under the cornice or directly from the ceiling. This elongates the windows, adds visual height to the room, and creates a sense of luxury. If you have standard windows, positioning the curtain rod a few inches above the window frame can create an illusion of height.Curtain Height
  2. Choose the Right Length: Curtains should ideally extend all the way down to the floor or just skim it. Avoid curtains that fall short and appear too small for the window. If you have a radiator or other obstructions beneath the window such as built-in bench, consider shorter curtains that end just above the obstruction to maintain a clean and tidy look.Curtain Length
  3. Width and Fullness: To achieve a luxurious and full appearance when the curtains are closed, ensure that the total width of the curtains is at least two times the width of the window. For a more opulent look, you can increase the width up to three times. The fuller the curtains, the richer and more elegant they will appear.Curtain Width
  4. Consider Fabric Choices: The choice of fabric plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your curtains. Lighter fabrics, such as linen or sheer materials, create an airy and ethereal atmosphere, allowing natural light to filter through. Heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade add drama, depth, and a sense of opulence to the room. Consider the existing décor, the function of the room, and the desired ambiance when selecting the fabric for your curtains.curtains
  5. Install Quality Hardware: Invest in sturdy and stylish curtain rods or tracks that can adequately support the weight of your curtains. Ensure that the hardware matches the overall style of your room, whether it’s traditional, modern, or eclectic. Pay attention to details such as finials, brackets, and rings, as they can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

By following these tips, you can hang your curtains like a pro, transforming your windows into stunning focal points that elevate your interior design.