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5 Most Popular Country Interior Design Styles

Country interior style emerged in the 1980s and remains popular today for its focus on comfort and creating an inviting atmosphere. Defining this style can be challenging as it varies across different countries, but it shares common elements such as simplicity, practicality, use of natural materials, and vintage furniture while avoiding artificial materials.

  1. English Country Style

English country style features cozy elements like overstuffed sofas, faded carpets on stone-flagged floors, soft floral curtains, beautiful antiques, and open fireplaces.English Country

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

  1. American Country Style

Compared to English country style, American country leans towards a grander and more formal approach. It incorporates saturated hues like red, deep green, blue, gray, rust, and yellow into the colour palette.American Country

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  1. French Country Style

French country style is elegant and relaxed, characterized by printed linens and cottons, white-washed furniture, and touches of Louis XIV. It exudes sophistication and charm.French Country

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  1. Scandinavian Country Style

Scandinavian country style emphasizes functionality and simplicity with bleached wood, plain and striped fabrics, a palette of soft pastel colors, painted furniture, clean design, and minimalist lighting.

Scandinavian Country

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  1. Farmhouse Country Style

Farmhouse style represents a rustic country aesthetic with open living and dining areas, rustic metal and wood furniture, a neutral color palette, open shelving, and white walls.Farmhouse Country

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By incorporating a country interior style into your home, you can create a cozy and timeless space that reflects your personal taste and preferences.