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How to Choose the Right Size Area Rugs and Proper Placement Tips for Your Home

Area rugs are an essential element in interior decoration, providing comfort, visual interest, and defining distinct zones within a room. As an experienced interior designer and decorator, I understand the challenges faced by clients when it comes to selecting the appropriate size of area rugs and determining the best placement. last week we talked about how to choose an area rug. In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of choosing the right size area rugs for various areas of your home and offer placement tips to enhance your overall decor.

Living Room Rug

When selecting a rug for your living room, it’s important to choose one that accommodates all furniture feet or at least the front legs. This ensures a cohesive and grounded look. Opt for a medium-sized rectangular rug, such as 200 x 290cm or even 300 x 400cm for a more luxurious feel.

Interior decoration Living room rug

Bedroom Rug

In the bedroom, there are multiple ways to position an area rug based on your preferences and the room layout. Consider the following options:

a) Underneath the Bed: Choose a rectangular rug that extends at least 3/4 length of the bed, creating a comfortable and warm surface for your feet when you get out of bed.

Area rug

b) Beside the Bed: Place smaller area rugs on each side of the bed, framing the space and adding a touch of symmetry.

Interior decoration bedroom rug

c) End of Bed Bench: If you already have carpeting in your bedroom, enhance the decor by adding a cowhide-shaped rug beneath an end-of-bed bench. This adds visual interest and defines a specific area while being more decorative than functional.

Area rug

Dining Room Rug

The dining room requires careful consideration when it comes to rug selection and placement. Follow these tips for a well-balanced dining area:

a) Rectangular Table: Choose a rectangular rug that allows all chair legs to remain on the rug. This creates a cohesive and visually appealing setting.

Interior decoration dining room rug

b) Round Table: For a round dining table, you have the flexibility to choose various rug shapes, including round, square, oval, rectangular, or even cowhide-shaped. Ensure that when the chairs are tucked under the table, all chair legs are still on the rug.

Placement tips

Kids Room Rug

In a kids’ room, area rugs serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Here are two key areas to consider:

a) Bed Area: Place a rug under or alongside the bed, ensuring that when your child’s feet touch the floor, they land on a soft and comforting surface.

b) Play Area: Designate a specific play area with a round rug, providing extra comfort as children engage in their playtime activities.

Interior decoration kids room rug

Choosing the right size area rugs and strategically placing them can significantly enhance the overall look and feel of your home’s interior. By following the tips outlined above, you can create a harmonious and visually appealing environment while ensuring practicality and comfort in each room. Remember to consider the dimensions of your furniture, the layout of the space, and the specific needs of each area. Happy decorating!