Four Best Souvenirs from Vietnam to Decorate Your Home

Posted by Lin on  29/03/2019
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Vietnam is a hot holiday destination for many reasons: affordable accommodations, delicious food, beautiful scenery, warm climate all year round, rich culture and history, and of course its coffee. Every year, Vietnam attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Apart from indulging in delicious cuisine and the beauty of breath-taking Ha Long Bay, souvenirs shopping is the next big thing on the list.  Being an Interior Designer, every time I am on holidays, I always take home
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How to Hang Large Picture Frames on a Wall

Posted by Lin on  15/03/2019
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Are you faced with big empty walls and want to display impactful artworks, but you’re unsure how to position them and afraid of drilling incorrect holes? Trust me, you’re not alone. Honestly, I’ve made mistakes myself when I started. I drilled walls and later regretted it. If you were to scan my house, you’d find “bullet holes” in almost every wall, as if my house has been through battlefields over the years. Fortunately, my walls
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Linen Closet Makeover

Posted by Lin on  01/03/2019
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Category: Home Organising
Inspired by Marie Kondo with her life-changing method of tidying up, my linen closet had a well-deserved makeover. Well it wasn’t that bad before (eyes rolling), but I did feel a bit frustrated when trying to put things back without disturbing other items on the shelf. After watching a couple of episodes of her show, I had this light bulb moment – I can stack things vertically woohoo. First thing, I took everything off and