How to Use Travel Photos to Decorate Your Home

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We all love to travel. Travel opens to new places, people, experiences and culture for us. Not everyone has chance to experience life in multiple ways except actors and actresses, but travel can actually give you a bit of taste of different lives.  Travel also makes you appreciate what you have. We take tones of […]

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How to Mismatch Different Wood in a Room

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I often have clients and friends telling me that their furniture has different wood tones and feeling frustrated that nothing matches. And to make things more complicated, they have wooden floor boards too. When I ask them back, why the wood tones need to be matched. They would say matching looks good. No, quite the opposite, matchy-matchy is a big […]


Four Best Souvenirs from Vietnam to Decorate Your Home

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Vietnam is a hot holiday destination for many reasons: affordable accommodations, delicious food, beautiful scenery, warm climate all year round, rich culture and history, and of course its coffee. Every year, Vietnam attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Apart from indulging in delicious cuisine and the beauty of breath-taking Ha Long Bay, souvenirs shopping is the […]

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Linen Closet Makeover

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Inspired by Marie Kondo with her life-changing method of tidying up, my linen closet had a well-deserved makeover. Well it wasn’t that bad before (eyes rolling), but I did feel a bit frustrated when trying to put things back without disturbing other items on the shelf. After watching a couple of episodes of her show, […]