2020 New Year’s Resolution

In the Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin quoted ‘the days are long, but the years are short’. Yes, 2019 is already behind us. What a year!


I started writing this blog. I was dreaded and even thought about paying someone to write for me, largely because I was afraid that people would judge me on my English. Then I talked myself out of the fear that my intention is to help people, and no one would read it anyway. So I let my guard down and posted my first blog post. To be able to write effectively, I have to do research, read books and learn more. Now occasionally, I hear people saying they read my blog. I am usually in disbelieve. Well this is happening.


I didn’t technically read 10 books as I originally planned on my 2019 resolution list. I read 6 books from start to finish, 3 books stopped halfway, re-read one book and listened 16 audiobooks. Even though I haven’t achieved my goal on the book front, I have learned tremendously. I know reading is very different then listening for sure. There are a lot of information missed when listening, as our brain is not engaging.


I don’t know how you feel. Every time I finish watching something on either TV or Youtube. I just felt empty, unless there is a particular skill I want to learn or a really good movie. And I felt bad about all these time been wasted. After reading James Clear’s The Atomic Habits, I know  that to get rid of my bad habits, I have to make them unattractive. So I hid my TV in the closet, and got rid of my pop up phone holder. My mind is less cluttered ever since.


I attended a number of business networking events and joined a writer’s group. I met many creative, entrepreneurial people, some became very good friends of mine. I read from somewhere ‘the next 5 years who you become will depend on the books you read and the people you associate with. Spending time with positive and driven people gives me dopamine effect. They make me happy.


2019, I have taken my gym training more seriously. I used to complain to my PT that the weights were too heavy, and I had too much fat to loose. After reading Michael Matthews’s Thinner Leaner Stronger, I learned the definition of light and heavy weights. I learned the proper way of warming up and the concept of de-load week. Since then I have stopped complaining and started training hard.


Inspired by Maria Condo, Joshua Becker and Myquillyn Smith, I became a minimalist. Wait. ‘But you have artworks and accessories, you are not a minimalist’. You might wonder. Actually all three wrote in their books, it is not about getting rid of things, it is about appreciate things you love and live a life style you want. I have cleaned out 3 carloads of stuff and my house is still beautiful enough to tick all design elements.

Towards the end of 2019:

Recent ongoing bush fires made me reflect my own actions, I have started a low meat product diet, and started using less cling wrap and replaced with reusable silicon food wraps. Being a minimalist, naturally I have acquired less possessions which reduced my carbon footprint too.

My New Year resolution:

  • Read 10 books from start to finish
  • Listen to 10 audio books.
  • Write 10 blog posts.
  • Get to know 10 like-minded people
  • Eat more lentils, spinach, beetroots and tofu
  • Eat less red meat
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Make daily checklists and weekly meal plans a ritual
  • Make a yearly cleaning schedule
  • Increase cardio training from 75 mins to 90 mins a week
  • Go to bed early and sleep 7 and half hours or more
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Spend more time with people I love
  • Appreciate all my past clients

I want to spend more time reading, writing, hanging out with people I love, going to beach often with my dog, eating more healthy, doing more cardio, sleeping more and showing more gratitude.

Let me know your New Year’s Resolution by commenting on our Facebook page below. Have a good year!